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Bug#2915: kbd doesn't install rc?.d links

I see a problem with installing files in /etc/rc.boot:

If you answer with NO when asked to replace a conffile dpkg will put
the file with suffix .dpkg.dist in the _SAME_ directory and if you
answer yes, then it will rename the old to *.dpkg-old in both case
both versions of the script will be called.  Thus using symlinks is
IMHO more sensitive to that problem (that's why used a symlink in the
first place).

And you remarks about the rc?.d directories shows to me a deep
misunderstanding of how a System V init works.  I did already talk to
MvS (sysvinit maintainer) and i will send a rewritten script suite to
him soon.  That one will be a TRUE System V suite with drums and
whistles and will behave like documented in the available System V
documentation.  There is really no need to reinvent the wheel yet


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