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Re: http daemon suggestion/proposal

> > How about "/var/web/apache" and "/var/web/cern-httpd" instead?
> What's so special about web?   :-)
> Seriously, a web server is just another daemon.  It should follow the same
> file-system layout conventions as all the other servers & daemons.


> What's wrong with /var/lib/apache and /var/lib/cern-httpd?

Well, if the files included by the package are not going to be changed
or new files added to those directories, then they should go in /usr/lib/...

As long as user/local-admin files can go somewhere in /var or /usr/local
then there should be no problem.

> It'd be nice if the used BOTH /usr/lib & /var/lib - then cgi-bins, icons
> etc could be shared between multiple httpds running on a network.

Part of the problem arises from the multiple ways it can be used.

- Most people will only want one.  The files being served should be in a
common place so the user can switch to an alternate server or install other

- Some people will want to run the same server multiple times, each
having a separate "webspace".

- Some people will want to run different servers, each having a separate

As far as I understand it, all of the servers provide "aliases" for webspace
directories to actual directories.  How about...

Webspace	Actual			Comment
~~~~~~~~	~~~~~~			~~~~~~~
/apache/...	/usr/lib/apache/...	includes apache "icons" and "cgi-bin"
/cern/...	/usr/lib/cern-http/...	includes cern "icons" and "cgi-bin"
/cgi-bin/...	/var/web/cgi-bin/...	any cgi-bin files the user adds locally
/images/...	/var/web/images/...	any images/icons the user adds locally
/...		/var/web/webspace/...	general files to be served


/<package>/...	/usr/lib/<package>/...	includes "cgi-bin", etc. for <package>

If in a document I specifically want to reference an apache cgi-bin
script, then I would give a URL of "/apache/cgi-bin/<script>.cgi".
Putting a symlink in /var/web/cgi-bin for each script (if not already
existing) to the one in /usr/lib/<server>/cgi-bin would provide a default
accessible as "/cgi-bin/<script>" that the user could change to the
preferred version while still keeping it accessible by a fully qualified

This should handle the majority of cases and be quite adaptable to the
other cases, as well.

Installing new web packages would require automatic or manual modification
of the http-daemon's config file.


                               ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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