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Re: http daemon suggestion/proposal

branderhorst@fgg.eur.nl (Erick Branderhorst)  wrote on 13.05.96 in <9605131106.AA06593@mailgate.eur.nl>:

> I would like to suggest some about a file structure related to http
> daemons. At this moment apache and cern-httpd define their own directories
> where to store their cgi-bin / webspace stuff etc.

Yes, we need that.

> IMO because this might be a readonly if /usr is mounted readonly. Putting
> cgi-bin etc. in /var/web/ isn't what I think /var should be used for, I

I think this is _exactly_ what var is for.

> think that the best place (but who am I to say) is a user named www, or
> perhaps a user named apache or a user named cern-httpd.

No, please not! It's bad enough that the ftp deamons do this, and IMHO  
it's a design bug. They should go into /var, just like
/var/spool/uucppublic. In fact, the last one is an argument for putting  
this stuff under /var/spool - I don't know if I buy it, though.

Personally, I'd prefer /var/http and /var/ftp (named after the protocol,  
that is). (Ok, maybe /var/web or /var/www instead, but that's less  

> The packages should provide the following subdirectories:
> /home/www/cgi-bin
> /home/www/icons
> /home/www/http or /home/www/data

There should also be some way to make sure .deb stuff doesn't collide with  
locally installed stuff (and that different .debs dont collide). Perhaps  
some sort of subdirectory structure involving package names.

Maybe like this:


Or like this:


MfG Kai

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