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Bug#2552: syslogd and race conditions

I had the same problems with my old R6 system. I have been using it to do
upgrade testing, and the problem hasn't gone away. My development system
stopped doing the stall some time ago. I thought it was kernel related,
but just recently I have been able to upgrade the old R6 system with
enough development system to build a new kernel. I built 1.3.97 (the same
kernel I am running in development) on the test bench and it still stalls
on boot up (I get closer to a minute). During the stall I can switch VCs
and log in as a user and switch back before the prompt appears at the
first VC.
I suspect this places the problem in one of the base config files. Most of
my test upgrades have kept the old config files, on the development system
I have probably been more diverse on that issue.
If the details are in the configuration, I would appreciate a description
of the "by hand" method you used to fix it.
Thanks for all your good work.



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