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Bug#2552: syslogd and race conditions

Raul or Ian wrote that sometimes syslogd doesn't start correct. I was
able to reproduce this for some time, but was unable to debug it. The
delay came from the part where all file descriptors were closed. This
routine (the library- or kernel-routine) hang.

For a long time I don't have this problem anymore. I think this is a
race condition where we can't do anything.

I will put a kill -HUP syslogd in the startup script.

I, too, have the problem that I can't login into my server for about 30secs
after booting. I, too, think that this is a syslog-problem, but can't find
out why. This problem doesn't occur on my desktop machine which is
Debian 1.1 (1.3.95) and sysklogd 1.3-2 ELF. It only happenes on the server
which is still a.out.



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