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Bug#2964: lynx -dump fails through proxy

Package: lynx
Version: 2.4-FM-960316-1

'lynx -dump' will fail on the first attempt to fetch a page if a proxy
server is used.

i'm using cern-httpd as a caching proxy.  Don't know if it happens on other
proxies.  There aren't that many other proxy servers around, anyway.

The second attempt will succeed.  Perhaps because by then the page is
already cached by the proxy and can be returned immediately.  Some proble
with timeout values maybe?  Or possibly a bug in cern-httpd returning the
wrong result code?


$ set | grep proxy

$ lynx -dump http://www.it.com.au
lynx: Can't access start file http://www.it.com.au

(2 seconds later, i try again)

$ lynx -dump http://www.it.com.au

                            Informed Technology

   Welcome to Informed Technology, one of Australia's longest established
   providers of Internet access and consultancy. If you're looking for a
   low cost access solution look no further. With many years experience
   on the Internet we can provide complete [1]connectivity solutions.

  [...remainder of web page bobbited for bandwidth...]

On the bright side, this bug annoyed me enough to bother looking at
lwp-request, which does exactly what I want.  I have a cron job to go
out to the Bureau of Meteorology every morning and mail me a weather
update. i was using "lynx -dump" for it, now i'm using "lwp-request -o
text". much nicer. :-)


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