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Bug#2965: lynxexec not compiled into lynx.

Package: lynx
Version: 2.4-FM-960316-1

Yes, I know it's a potential security hole but IMO in a binary
distribution the option should be compiled into the binary, and disabled
in /etc/lynx.cfg.

I encountered the same problem with the old version of lynx in debian
0.93.  Recompiled it with the right options.  I shouldn't have to
recompile it every time i upgrade it.

(after recompiling lynx) i've set up a /usr/local/bin/lynxexec directory
on my system containing wrapper shell scripts for various programs.  I've
also set up lynx.cfg so that only those programs can be executed.

Maybe something similar should be set up for the lynx package...possibly
using /usr/lib/lynx/exec as the executables directory?

cern-httpd uses /usr/lib/cern-httpd/cgi-bin for executables, so why not


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