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Re: Bug#2926: Lilo: can't make documentation

On Tue, 7 May 1996, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> In message <199605070916.LAA07100@Q.cistron.nl>, miquels@Q.cistron.nl writes:
> >The Lilo documentation is included as TeX in /usr/doc/lilo, and a perl script
> >is provided to create the ASCII dosc from it if you don't have TeX
> >installed. However the conversion fails with perl5 (it works with perl4)
> >and there is no other way for me to read the docs...
> Um, I thought the READ_ME.gz file _was_ the ASCII-fied documentation?

Indeed... But I always thought the name wasn't very descriptive of the
contents of the file... If both .tex and .txt formats are provided for the
doc, should they both have a simillar name? Like, say, UserGuide.txt and
UserGuide.tex (or whatever)... People don't expect to find a hundred pages
of documentation in a README... Usually the README just describe what the
others files are for ("text documentation in ...txt, Tex docum in ...tex,

Maybe it'd be good to try to get that changed in the upstream version...
If not in the .deb package...  I remember it also took me a while to
locate the text version of the documentation the first time round.


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