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Re: dependancies on libc5

chrish@libertel.montreal.qc.ca (Christian Hudon)  wrote on 11.05.96 in <Pine.SUN.3.93.960510235456.27771B-100000@thym.remm.uqam.ca>:

> From what I understood, having packages depend explicitly on libc5
> is what makes a clean upgrade to ELF possible... And if all a.out packages
> would have used 'Depends: libc4", then it would have been possible to do a
> clean partial upgrade to ELF, which would have been even nicer. And
> simillarly if we keep the explicit 'depends: libc5' then our users will
> hardly notice it if Linux ever moves to libc.so.6...

Just for the record, there's already talk about libc.so.6 on the linux-gcc  
list. (That would be sort of a merge of libc5 back into GNU glibc. And it  
will need some more months.)

MfG Kai

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