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PCMCIA support

I am just now uploading pcmcia card services
to master.  The version is 2.8.12, debian
release 0.  The .deb is for Intel machines
and I imagine the sources are as well.  As
this is my first attempt at a Debian package,
I'm sure I made mistakes.  I appreciate any
(polite and appropriate) comments.  If the
comments refer to existing rules or guidelines,
please give me a pointer to existing docs -
I did look around while building this so if
I didn't notice something tell me.

Based on recent discussion, the archive
maintainers will want to change the name.  I
wasn't sure what the "official" policy was.
As a side note, I think newbies will be 
confused by a

dpkg --install foo_bar-...   install and
dpkg -r foo-bar              remove

Now.. PCMCIA card services is built to a 
particular kernel.  I built this to kernel
1.3.97.  I made a quick try at 1.3.99, but
didn't succeed - I may try again soon.

I would FAR rather support the kernel users
will have after installing Debian.  It makes
no sense for someone to install and then need
to install a *different kernel* to get PCMCIA
support.  I don't expect everyone to use
1.3.97 just because my pcmcia does.. I would
greatly appreciate some feedback on a "Standard"
install kernel - even if just to say when one
will be decided on.  I think this is very
important - has it been discussed before?
maybe with tape support?

I would also be receptive to a pcmcia install 
disk, but I don't expect it.


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