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Re: unstable/binary-i386/Packages needs updating

> To the new or acting Upload Maintainers:
> I know you guys have a lot of work to do, but I'm feeling impatient.
> Sorry. :)
> 1. The Packages and Packages.gz files are dated May 4 while many
> directories have been modified May 7, 8, or 9. Thus, I can't get the
> new stuff using dselect+dpkg-ftp, my preferred system maintainance
> method. An oversight, a cron-job problem? I have checked several
> "primary" mirrors.

I hadn't noticed that the Packages files weren't being updated.  Ian,
can you look into this?

> 2. I've been waiting for Simon's new kernel-source package. Any word
> on why it has been delayed?

I posted a message a little while ago, describing the problems with
the packages that I moved into the HOLD directory.  The problem with
the new kernel packages is that they don't "provide" the old package
names (image and source).  Maybe they aren't supposed to, but I wasn't

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