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Re: new 'older' files on ftp.debian.org?

> >> Oh dear.  More saturation for the mirrors...  Mirror sites might want to add
> >> get_newer=false from now on if this is going to happen often (including you
> >> perhaps, Matt...).
> >
> >This would be bad as the "Packages", "Packages.gz", "Contents", etc. files
> >would then never be updated on mirror sites.
> I was told that get_newer=false will still get files that have changed in
> byte size - and I'm sure that the Packages and Contents files will change in
> size :-)  (If I'm wrong then tell me and I'll abuse the person who told me:-)

I didn't think about that.  I went into the mirror man page and found the
following definitions...

       get_newer      Get  the  remote  file if its date is newer
                      than local.  [true]

                      Get the file if the size is different  from
                      local.    If  a  file  is  compressed  when
                      fetched, the size is automatically ignored.

So, I guess that as long as people aren't compressing the files when
they bring them over (no reason to anyway, since a compressed version
already exists), then setting this shouldn't cause any problems.

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