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Bug#2900: apsfilter

Package: apsfilter
Version: 4.9.1-4

Apsfilter doesn't seem to work for me -- I installed it, told it to
use /dev/lp1 (first parallel port on an AT machine, right?).  I had
previously installed lpr, but hadn't really touched it.  After
apsfilter installed, I type "lpr textfile" and nothing happens.
Nothing seems to get queued, either.

I also notice that apsfilter Global.sh is using /usr/spool/PS-<blah>,
shouldn't it be using something like /var/spool/lp/PS-<blah>?

My machine is hooked up via the parallel port to an HP 4M+.  I used to
have apsfilter working, but I don't remember if I had to do anything
special to get it to work then. :(


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