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Bug#2893: forwarded 1.1 installation bugs

> SECOND - The network installation seems not working (I tryed also specifying
>          'linux ether=10,FCE0h,eth0' at the boot: prompt, but unsuccessfully)

Hex numbers should be given as 0xfce0 rather than FCE0h, I think.

> The hardware is 3com model 3C590 Etherlink III PCI adapter, slot 10,
> interrupt 10, I/O Base FCE0h and, of course, the network is correctly
> working under Windows-3.11.

Which kernel are you using? Is the driver for this card a module, or is
it compiled into the kernel?

Please also post the contents of /proc/pci - the card base address and
interrupt should be reported there. If they aren't then there's probably
something seriously wrong.

Steve Early

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