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Rules proposal: Guidelines change announcement procedure

We have a persistent problem with people not knowing when a rule
change in the Guidelines or to do with upload procedure has been
announced; sometimes people implement things before they're made
policy, and sometimes people remain unaware of policy which they've
probably missed on debian-devel.

Kevin Dalley has proposed suggested me that these things should be made
noticeable in the Subject line, and I concur.  I propose starting the
Subject line of some messages with particular strings, as follows:

 Subject: RULES CHANGE: ...
  The announcement that a rule change has become policy and should now
  be implemented.  The message should not refer to any previous
  messages that aren't attached to it.

  A message which expands on or clarifies an existing rule which
  people don't seem to to have understood correctly.

 Subject: Rules proposal: ...
  A message which proposes to change the rules in some way.

The `rules' in question include upload procedure, packaging
Guidelines, correct use of various dpkg features (eg from the
Guidelines appendices &c), mailing list protocol, &c.

If people like this idea it will become a rule, as an example :-).


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