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Bug#2891: taper documentation is missing

Package: taper
Version: 6.2-1

The source code for taper comes with an explanatory sgml file which would
be quite helpful to the first-time user.  This document should be
included in /usr/doc when the package is installed.

Having said that, there are a couple of errors in the README file within
the taper source distribution regarding the taper.sgml document:

-- the user is advised to use sgml2ps to create a postscript file from the
   sgml source, whereas he should be advised to use sgml2latex -p instead;

-- there is a line in the sgml file which contains the string "#define",
   which cannot be processed by latex unless/until the # is escaped;

Taper is soooo much nicer to use than tar for tape backup that making this
tool maximally accessible to users would be a very Good Thing (TM).

Susan Kleinmann

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