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Bug#2831: timezone conffiles vs. postinst

David Engel writes ("Re: Bug#2831: timezone conffiles vs. postinst"):
> > If you create the file in the postinst, rather than putting it in the
> > .deb file and listing it in conffiles, you can do exactly what you
> > want to do without dpkg ever interfering.
> My 2 cents:  I prefer to see things in the .deb file whenever possible
> so they show up when 'dpkg -L', 'dpkg -S', etc. are run.

Putting them in the .deb file just so that they show up in dpkg -L and
dpkg -S is a bad idea, because it has all sorts of effects that are
side-effects if this is what you're after.

I'll add a wishlist entry for a way to allow packages to `claim' files
(so that they show up) which has no other effect.


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