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Bug#2834: desect loses state if it can't find a pre-dependancy

'Ian Jackson wrote:'
>Chris Fearnley writes ("Re: Bug#2834: desect loses state if it can't find a pre-dependancy"):
>> No, I used [I]nstall and that failed as I indicated.  Then I went to
>> [S]elect to take libc4 off hold.  Then I went to [I]nstall again and
>> it failed and it took me some time to realize that I needed to re-do the
>> [A]ccess step.
>Ah, do you think perhaps that dpkg upgraded itself while it was busy ?
>I changed the format of some of the files in /var/lib/dpkg.  I suppose
>I should have put a check or something - I'll do that next time.

No, I deleted the aout version from the tree I told dselect about.
Only the elf version was there.  Somehow dselect felt it needed libc4
(someone must have a predependancy to it?) but I had put that package
on hold. So dselect failed and worse forgot my access methods.

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