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Date: 01 May 96 14:50 UT
Format: 1.4
Distribution: unstable
Priority: Low
Maintainer: Karl R. Sackett <krs@caos.aamu.edu>
Source: tkman
Binary:  tkman
Architecture:  i386 source
Version: 1.7.5-1
 tkman: A graphical, hypertext manual page browser for UNIX.
 -  TkMan offers two major advantages over xman: hypertext links to other
 -  man pages (click on a word in the text which corresponds to a man
 -  page, and you jump there), and better navigation within long man pages
 -  with searches (both incremental and regular expression) and jumps to
 -  section headers.  TkMan also offers some convenience features, like a
 -  user-configurable list of commonly used man pages, a one-click
 -  printout, and integration of `whatis' and `apropos'.
         * Added Debian support files.
 5ac0058377f2c425f080818d28276009  118597  doc  tkman-1.7.5-1.tar.gz
 966d8c09145bee6321d674877181f62a  4641  doc  tkman-1.7.5-1.diff.gz
 748cbb9e4077f815827835b256c50cff  70086  doc  tkman-1.7.5-1.i386.deb
Karl R. Sackett                                        krs@caos.aamu.edu
Run silent, run deep

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