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Bug#1247: csh dependency in perl (was Re: New perl package)

I've Cc'd this to debian-bugs, bug number 1247, which discusses this

> Guy Maor writes ("Re: New perl package"):
> > On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > > Please don't do this !  Configure it to think that csh isn't
> > > available.  You can't make an vital package like Perl depend on an
> > > optional one like csh ...
> >
> > I'm not sure if this is possible.  perl uses csh to do its globbing.  I
> > wonder if it could just be changed to use bash?  The globbing isn't
> > completely compatible though.

Take a look at the ftp program source code from netstd (ftp.tar.gz).  It
contains a file glob.c that supposedly does csh style globbing.  I'd guess
the C library glob does bash style globbing, but I've no good reason to
believe this, so you'll have to find glob(7) yourself!



Michael Nonweiler <mrn20@cam.ac.uk>
Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

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