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Re: proposal: send every developer his outstanding bug reports

On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I just haven't had the time to mark mine done. Does anyone else want to
> zap the obvious ones? I took three vacation days this week to work on the
> release. Obviously, anything that wasn't on the critical path did not get
> done.

I suspect there are quite a few really old bug reports that have
already been solved but never closed.  I bet in an hour I could wipe
out a couple dozen.  I'll start from the oldest ones.  I'm willing to
at least read through bugs with numbers 0-1000, about 50 bugs.

If anyone else wants to help, please just read the next 50 or so bugs.
Don't spend more than a minute or two per bug.  Just check if it's
still present or not.

There's about 700 bugs filed.  Another issue - why does the bug mirror
on www.debian.org not work?  It says "The files here are checked every
30 minutes (last check 19:43:03 GMT Mon 05 Feb)"


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