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Re: uploaded package handling

Andy Guy writes ("uploaded package handling"):
> Having, I think settled on a .changes file format, we can now think
> about what to do with them.

This all looks fairly reasonable, but I'd ask Andy to log into master
and take a look at the daily cronjob stuff in

This produces (is supposed to produce - it's still a bit broken atm)
various files, including manifests of md5sums of the distribution, the
Packages files, a full list of package maintainers, the MSDOS filename
links, &c.

The state files that it uses are in masterfiles too (don't edit them
without asking people first).

In particular, there already is an embryonic `distributions' file,
which is similar to what you propose but is in a format more easily
parseable by shell scripts.

Most of the information and stuff that Andy's proposal needs is there
- it's just spread across the filesystem rather more.


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