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Re: dpkg: multiple files supplying package

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> writes:

    Ian> Lukas Nellen writes ("dpkg: multiple files supplying
    Ian> package"):
    >> I had problems with dpkg 1.1.3 in the case when I have two
    >> .deb-files supplying the same package with different version
    >> numbers. This happened to me when my mirror didn't run
    >> completely and I had the old and new version of the .deb-file
    >> for netstd around.
    >> In that case, dpkg reads the two packages and tries to install
    >> both. The package which got installed (and configured) was the
    >> one which appeared later in the search order of dpkg.
    >> Dpkg gives me a warning about the fact that the same package
    >> was installed twice. Wouldn't it be better if dpkg could use
    >> the version numbers in the package to try and resolve the
    >> conflict? Is that possible?

    Ian> There should be no problem with installing the same package
    Ian> twice like that.  You'll just end up with whichever package
    Ian> was installed last on the system.

But which is the package that gets installed last? It happened to me
that I had two versions of the same package around and dpkg picked the
newer version first - so I ended up having the old version installed,
since it was installed last. To be more precise, this happened when I
did a bulk install using `dpkg -iGROEB'. I don't know how the order of
installation is determined in this case - how can I make sure that the
newer version of a package gets installed last in this case?


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