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Re: Bug#2577: base: after selecting [A]ccess with dselect

Martin Schulze writes ("Bug#2577: base: after selecting [A]ccess with dselect"):
> It seems to me that dselect or one of its methods has umounted my
> cdrom when I try to [I]nstall selected packages. This unfortunately
> has the result that further actions like installation of selected
> packages couldn't be done.

This is a bug in earlier versions of dpkg, which has now been fixed.

> As there's no editor (at least not any that I know, like vi) installed
> with the base series I can't change anything in the scripts. This
> makes it really hard for me giving Debian a chance to host on one of
> my machines. If not tonight then never (or in half a year again...).

ae is available after installing latest base disks, I believe.

I'm closing this bug report.


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