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Bug#2589: perl can't load libdb.so.1

This bug turned out to result from some problem with a now-outmoded
version of libdb1.  (Specifically, libdb1-1.85.2-6.deb.)
That problem was fixed in libdb1-1.85.2-8.deb, so this bug should
now be closed.

Susan Kleinmann
> Package: perl
> Version: 5.002-5
> In the process of trying to install Debian 1.? onto an empty drive on my
> system, I seem to be having difficulties with perl.
> My current status is:
> a) installation of base disks went OK
> b) installation of kernel-developing resources went OK.  These included
>    binutils, source, includes, libc5, gcc, make, and bin86.
> c) compilation of "new" kernel with version number 1.3.64 went OK.
> d) system booted with new kernel.
> Then I tried unpack and configuring various packages, one at a time, to see
> exactly how it things proceeded.  The perl package failed at the configure
> step, with the error message:  "Can't load libdb.so.1"
> This suprises me, since I think I have all the "lib" files that might be
> necessary.  dpkg -l | grep lib shows:
> iF  dld             3.2.6-2        dld - a library package of C functions tha
> ii  dlltools        2.17-11        Tools used to create DLL jumptable librari
> ii  ldso            1.7.14-1       The Linux dynamic linker, library and util
> ii  libc4           4.6.27-11      The Linux C library (a.out version 4).
> ii  libc5           5.2.18-1       The Linux C library version 5 (run-time li
> ii  libc5-dev       5.2.18-1       The Linux C library version 5 (development
> ii  libdb1          1.85.2-6       the Berkeley database routines (runtime ve
> ii  libgdbm1        1.7.3-9        GNU dbm database routines (runtime version
> ii  libreadline2    2.0-13         GNU readline and history libraries, runtim
> ii  ncurses3.0      1.9.8a-4       Video terminal manipulation: shared librar
> Perl goes on to complain that it can't find wait.ph.  Neither could I.
> (You will notice that the first package listed, dld, didn't configure
> either.  That's only half-related to this bug, and I will report it in
> another bug.)
> Please let me know if this is some simple pilot error, or if I
> haven't provided enough information for this to be diagnosed.
> Susan Kleinmann
> sgk@sgk.tiac.net

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