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Re: Editing #!/usr/local/bin/perl lines in demos in new package.

osiris@cs.utexas.edu writes:

>As I've mentioned, I'm putting together a new package for a perl
>module, and it has a couple of executables.  Unfortunately they're
>perl scripts that start out #!/usr/local/bin/perl.  Should I try and
>go through all the places in the source that do this and change them
>to #!/usr/bin/perl, or is this common enough that we might want to
>have a symbolic link?

I'd vote for editing the files at package build time (and, in
particular, keeping the edits out of the diffs).  From my Majordomo
package, in debian.rules:

        cd debian-tmp/usr/lib/majordomo && \
                perl -pi -e 's?^\#!/usr/local/bin/perl?\#!/usr/bin/perl?' \
                        bounce-remind \
                        digest \
                        majordomo \
                        new-list \
                        request-answer \
                        resend \
                        test \
                        archive2.pl \
                        bin/approve \
                        bin/medit \
                        bin/bounce \
                        contrib/archive.pl \
                        contrib/archive2.pl \

Easy l-)

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