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Uploading manpages-1.9-4

Good day folks!

I'll upload the manual pages package later today.

Date:  Thu Mar 21 12:01:46 MET 1996
Package:  manpages
Version:  1.9-4
Description:  section 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 man pages for Linux
Priority: low
Changes:  corrected some references in exports(5)

	* man3/scandir.3: Corrected arguments to compar-routine. (Bug#1948)
	* man3/getcwd.3: Corrected description of getwd(). (Bug#1898)
	* man2/access.2: Stated more clearly how it behaves with symbolic
	  links. (Bug#845)
	* man5/fstab.5: removed (Bug#2513)
	* man2/modules.2: removed (Bug#2515)
	* man4/console.4: removed (Bug#2516)
	* man5/nfs.5: removed, package mount provides it, too.
	* Changed sysinfo.2 (thanks to Siggy Brentrup)
	* Added undocumented.7 (thanks to E. Branderhorst)
	* select.2: updated it
	* debian.rules,debian.control: changed some sed commands
	  Allow the original source to reside in orig/ instaead of an extra
	  directory at the same level.
	* fd.4: updated some text phrases

manpages-1.9-4.deb         307892 binary/doc
manpages-1.9-4.diff.gz      30482 source/doc
manpages-1.9-4.tar.gz      327967 source/doc
96f043765d92dba7e2ad6034d0559cc4  manpages-1.9-4.deb
8af3d73d6ceae5613b083aa63aacd36f  manpages-1.9-4.diff.gz
3a293f7e7e4aca57daaeb6d74776f471  manpages-1.9-4.tar.gz

Have a nice remainder of the week, 


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