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Re: Uploads to chiark

>I absolutely agree. Under Debian we use terminfo instead of termcap. Since
>rpncalc seems to be the only package depending on libtermcap I think this
>should be recompiled with ncurses. However, I think a libtermcap package is
>usefule, too. In particular I like to be able to run binaries from other
>machines/distributions. I would suggest to take out all development files
>from libtermcap, that is libtermcap.a, termcap.h and the libtermcap.so link.
>That way we have a shared library package useful for compatibility but it
>cannot be used for development at all.

Yes, I think we all need to remember that many people out there
(most?) will need to run at least some applications from another
distribution or commercial software (Matlab, for instance), and having
libtermcap around may indeed be useful.

I don't think distributing braindead packages is the way to go... If
you want to remove libtermcap.a, termcap.h, etc needed to build
packages, at least stick them in a -devel package...

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