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Re: xpm and xpm4.7

Michael Meskes writes ("Re: xpm and xpm4.7"):
> Raul Miller writes:
> > I'm confused about what should be happening with xpm and xpm4.7
> Isn't xpm the AOUT version and xm4.7 the ELF one? If so an immediate fix
> would be to install xpm into /usr/X11R6/lib/i486-linuxaout. However, I
> prefer to recompile all packages that use xpm to make them use xpm4.7 and
> converting them to ELF in the meantime. In fact I already did that for all
> applications but not for the games (that is if I didn't miss any).

This doesn't work if the user has some programs of their own linked
against the a.out xpm, or wants not to upgrade all of the packages for
some reason.

I think we should make an a.out compatibility package, if possible.


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