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kbd: supply all keymaps for m68k?

I'd just like to have a few opinions on this: While preparing the kbd
package for Debian/m68k, I thought about whether both the Intel and m68k
.deb archive should contain ALL available keymaps. For you Intel guys this
means about 6 new maps that have names like "amiga-us.map", "atari-de.map"
etc. and should be no problem.

However, I think of the beginning Linux user on an m68k system: When he
is prompted for a keymap during the installation, he'll be swamped by
50 or so keymaps, only few of which actually make sense for him. On the
other hand, he might find it useful to have all PC keymaps at hand, too,
e.g. for learning purposes.

On a similar topic: Do you think the Intel base/base package should contain
the device special files which are only used on m68k _at the moment_
(like our m68k framebuffer device, or Atari ACSI driver)?
This of course also applies in the inverse direction: Should the m68k
base/base package provide special files for device drivers which (at least
at this moment) do not exist for m68k - like some CD-ROM or sound card
Putting all available special files into /dev on both architectures is of
course the safest way to be sure all users have all nodes they need, but
people might get confused by e.g. "/dev/midi" on m68k.

Your comment..?


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