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Re: lynx

> I don't really see that we need a graphical and non-graphical browser
> virtual package. Can you think of package that would require a graphical
> browser in particular?

Well, yes.  An example is a friend out in California who is working
with a startup company on an information system.  They are tying in
many databases together, and using Java applets to send the
_information client_ and the information out.  You need a graphical
web browser to access it properly.  I just finished working on a
comments submission program for our college, while you don't need a
graphical interface, it sure helps a lot. 

So, I would argue that these things are going to become more common as
Java and HTML 3.0 take off and become more popular.  They may also
become so common that people develop applications with graphical web
browers as the base (something like SATAN). In my opinion, it would be
better to plan for this.


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