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Bug#2561: boot disk

     I apologize if this should not be sent to the bugs address.
After having difficulty with redhat I downloaded the boot, root and base
disks. On booting it stops at the line:

I have a Packard Bell Pentium with a N2000 clone ethernet card.
I am assumed my ethernet card was not being found.
I tried different settings on the card using the dos utility that came with
the card and then rebooting as follows

0x300 3
0x300 15
0x240 3 (noticed one of the terminals was on irq3 also noticed mcd 0x300,10
now reported Init failed no mcd device at 0x300 irq 10)
0x240 11

I take it that mcd stands for mitsubishi. I have a NEC I believe and it does
detect a nec drive and that is what I used with slackware.
It's late and I need to go home. Any guidance would be appreciated. -Jeff

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