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Re: boot floppies status

Oh, and there's a longstanding bug (it is in 1.1beta and in 0.93r6) in
the network config... it doesn't guess correctly with netmasks over 24
bits when the upper bits of the fourth octet are non-zero. (Once the
network is set correctly, it gets the guesses for default router and
something else that I forget for the moment wrong: if my netmask is, and my net is x.y.z.128, x.y.z.1 is *not* on my net,
and is thus not a good guess for the router (x.y.z.128+1 is better.)
There's another prompt, either broadcast or something else, that makes
a similar mistake, though I can't remember it for the moment.)

Note that this isn't important -- because you can fill it in correctly
easily enough, and in practice a small net will probably have *no*
values matching the defaults :-) I may look at the scripts myself and
come up with an enhancement though.

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