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Re: Packaging Questions

Guy Maor writes ("Packaging Questions"):
> Essential binaries are moving out of miscutils into other packages.
> The package replacement is going like this:
> 	miscutils	->	miscutils
> 	chfn			* getty 
> 				* login 
> 				* fdisk 
> 				* passwd
> For obvious reasons, it's essential that the starred packages get
> installed before the newer miscutils.  What is the best way to
> accomplish this?  Also note that the chfn package is disappearing, but
> dpkg-disappear-replace.txt indicates that is fairly automatic.

Yes, but you have to use Replaces nowadays ...

> A simple method lets miscutils depend on the other four packages.  This
> dependency must then remain in miscutils forever, on the off chance a
> user will upgrade directly to that version.

No, that won't do the right thing - and in any case you can't do it

The real solution here, I'm afraid, is to call the replacement `small'
package something other than miscutils.

Then you can install them in any order, without worrying about having
the cut-down miscutils before the new stuff is in place.

You need to make sure that all the new packages say
 Replaces: miscutils (< most-recent-version)
(the version is case you ever want to bring miscutils back), and that
between them they cover all of miscutils' files (otherwise miscutils
won't disappear).


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