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Re: A working Gnuchess (at last!)

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Nikhil Nair writes ("Re: A working Gnuchess (at last!)"):
> ...
> > gnuchessx still needs xboard (in fact, the gnuchess package Recommends: 
> > xboard).  [...]
> Why should it Recommend xboard ?  Surely it makes perfect sense to
> install only gnuchess ?

Yes, it makes perfect sense (I did myself, after all).  I suppose I 
assumed (withouttt thinking about it very much) that most sighted people 
would want to use it with xboard ....  Shall I change that to Suggests? 
- that might be more appropriate.

BTW, Ian, you mentioned you ussed gnuchessc ... could you briefly explain 
to me how it works? :-)  The documentation says it uses the `chesstool' 
program on Suns &c, but I haven't found that, and running the program 
just puts my machine in a graphics mode :-( (not very helpful when you're 
using /dev/vcsa0 to read it ...).



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