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Re: Initial release of news (System V - like local news tool)

Dominik Kubla writes ("Re: Initial release of news (System V - like local news tool) "):
> Regarding all that talk about the wrong category of the packages i uploaded:
> Ok, I should have asked first before putting the packages in the incoming dir,
> so i will upload a repackaged version of news with misc/standard as category
> by next week.

No, please leave out the Priority and Section until the distribution
maintainer (Carl, is that you ?) has decided what values they should

These fields are not mandatory, and you should not preempt the
distribution maintainer's decision like this.

> I still think that open and vlock are essential enough to be put in base,
> but i will 'downgrade' them to standard in the next release ( but if there
> are further objections, i will change that as well).

It is important that the package classifications (especially
priorities) are decided on centrally, to avoid a `priority inflation'
effect where every maintainer obviously thinks their particular
packages are important ...


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