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Bug#2499: sysvinit does not create /var/log/btmp

You (Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca) wrote:
>   Miquel>  No, the "wtmp" and "btmp" files should be created by the sysadm
>   Miquel> when he thinks they are needed (btw, does the Debian login use the
>   Miquel> btmp file?).  If the last/lastb file is not created, it will not be
>   Miquel> used. This is a local configuration issue.
> Can you add a note to last(1) and make the error message more meaningful?

Done. I've also added the "Replaces: last" header to the control file
(even though my dpkg doesn't grok it yet).

I'm closing this bug report.

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