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Re: Proposal for a new debian.control field

> My assumption was that you'd install _one_ 1.3 kernel package. Once you
> did that, the pre-depends would succeed, even if you'd overwritten the
> kernel with a development one.

So how should packages that depend on kernels greater than the latest 
1.3 kernel packages be tagged?

I'm unlikely to upgrade from image-1.3.64-0.  I like to compile my own 
kernels (the default kernel doesn't support my soundcard, and I don't 
need all the modules).  Will kernel-source-1.4.0-0 provide a new kernel 
image package so packages the depend on image >1.3.64 will work?  

Since I prefer to compile my own kernel from the sources, I would 
prefer to not have the image package installed at all.  As it stands, 
only diald in the unstable Packages file depends on image (and that >
1.2.13), but image is required.  I can't remove it, and once I've been 
bitten by dpkg/dselect deciding to install it over my compiled kernel 
(based on the latest source package).

I know that an image has to be installed at some point, but could the 
image package be made -not- required?  I don't want to have to 
reinstall the image package to let dpkg know I have a newer kernel.  I 
like the idea of a kernel-required: field that checks /proc/version.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce

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