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Re: first public upload of boot-floppies package for 1.1

Bruce Perens writes:
>  boot-floppies-1.1.0-2.tar.gz source 48161 2a686d3f2c4c740faed890c1e3c9c228
>  boot-floppies-1.1.0-2.deb misc 96362 fcc90d61c6cba533f9ac2c61e47857b9

Is this a/the new dchanges format?  If so, could I as archive maintainer
beg for something more easily scannable?  I liked the old format, but
if it is desired to have all this info on one line, then:

fcc90d61c6cba533f9ac2c61e47857b9 misc 96362 boot-floppies-1.1.0-2.deb

or anything that put the md5 first would reduce the time I need to spend
matching checksums considerably.

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