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Net packages should be compiled under the 1.2 kernel include files


  I just found a bug in bind-4.9.3. I've already discussed this with the
maintainer (Robert Leslie) and it seems that the problem is not just
related to bind (named) but more general.

Named uses the getsockopt() and setsockopt() calls, and was compiled with
the 1.3 kernel include files. Now when it is run on an 1.2 kernel, libc5
sees that these calls are not available and returns -1 (+ errno) to
the application which in this case caused named to abort zone transfers.

I think in general, until the kernel 1.4 (or 2.0) is released that we
should require applications (at least network aware apps) to be compiled
with the 1.2.13 include files.

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