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Re: Call for special UIDs/GIDs for the base package

> Bruce Perens:
>    Please send me e-mail if your package needs its own special user-id
>    or group-id. I will put them in the password/group files for the
>    base system, as I'm ready to build the base package now.
> This is probably ok for 1.1, but there ought to be a better way.  For
> example, there's a package that one of the other developers on this
> list is considering building (as soon as the software is released for
> general use) which uses 6 system user ids and 3 system group ids.  Or
> should the ids from the beta release just be put into the current base
> disks?

Couldn't the packages which need special users/groups check for their
existence in the preinst script and create them if necessary?  By
doing this in the preinst, as opposed to the postinst, dpkg should
have all of the information it needs when it unpacks the tar file.
Also, someone mentioned that it would be desirable for these
users/groups to have the same uids/gids on every system.  Couldn't
this be done by having the keeper of the base system (currently Bruce)
assign them and modifying adduser to allow a specific uid/gid to be

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