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Re: /var/adm/auth.log permissions

'Nikhil Nair wrote:'
>I notice that on more than one debian system, /var/adm/auth.log* are 
>world readable.  Now, if someone logs in incorrectly, typing their 
>password instead of their userid, that is a serious security risk.
>Some time ago, I did change it using `chmod o=', but I notice now that 
>it's back as it was: it's obviously been created again during logfile 
>rotation.  How can I fix this?  Which package is it part of?

Thanks for the clue.  I found the culprit: /etc/cron.weekly/syslogd

It is (at least partially) fixed in syslogd version 1.2-19 (on my ELF
system).  It is/was broken in 1.2-15.  I'd prefer to have cron.log,
daemon.log, debug, and messages world unreadable too.  But at least
auth.log is getting 640 treatment now.

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