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Re: Bug#932: Pine over-encodes files and auto-requests document

The following is being sent to the Pine Bugs list and to the pine 
developers list in the hopes that they will have some satisfactory 
response to the discussion that follows

On 19 Feb 1996, Kai Henningsen wrote:

> dwarf@polaris.net (Dale Scheetz)  wrote on 18.02.96 in <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.91.960218141428.18651B-100000@dwarf.polaris.net>:
> > On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > > MIME has been designed so that it is possible to attach plain text
> > > files in ways that are readable to non-MIME-aware user agents.
> >
> > The proper way to do this in pine is NOT with MIME. Use ^R if you wish to
> > include plain text in your message.
> If pine does not *allow* non-encoded MIME multipart messages, then pine is  
> *severely* broken.
> I'll not comment on anything more, because that would turn this message in  
> a severe flame.
> MfG Kai


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