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Bug#2364: Pine wants to post my email reply (from Bug#933)

Package: pine
Version: 3.91-4

If someone sends a Pine user an email with a Newsgroups line and the
user wants to reply, Pine offers to post the reply (which will usually
contain the email as quoted text) to the newsgroups listed.

It is an observed fact that many Pine users post private email because
Pine gave them an impression that they were reading a news posting (by
offering to post their reply), or because they thought (because Pine
offered to) that posting their reply was accepted and normal practice.

This happens regularly to non-sensitive email, and I've seen it happen
with sensitive email in alt.sex.<potentially-embarrassing-group>.

Pine's behaviour is at variance with standard practice on USENET.

I consider this a bug, and I'm reporting it separately so that it can
be discussed without confusion.  I'd appreciate it if the package
maintainer would hold off closing this bug out of hand while the
readers of debian-devel establish a consensus on the desirability of
various behaviours.  If it is decided that the behaviour should be
changed and the package maintainer is not able or willing to make the
necessary changes the report should be forwarded to the Pine


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