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Bug#932: Pine over-encodes files and auto-requests document

Dale Scheetz writes ("Re: Bug#932: Pine over-encodes files and auto-requests document"):
> This bug report violates the single issue requirement of a bug report.
> However, the complaint that ^J does what the documentation declares that
> it will do, does not, in my mind, constitute a bug.
> ^J is declared to create a mime attatchment to the current e-mail
> message. You can use this feature with a uuencoded file if you with but
> that was not it's intent.

MIME has been designed so that it is possible to attach plain text
files in ways that are readable to non-MIME-aware user agents.

Pine should do this.  Unconditionally using
`Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64' on attachements (that it claims
are text files, too!) is unnecessary and undesirable overencoding, and
therefore a bug.


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