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Re: Keeping system up to date

Erick Branderhorst writes ("Keeping system up to date"):
> * Queueing the cronjobs and running them ``nicely'' on the system,
> instead of giving them toppriority as it seems to be the case now.
> Filling this queue should be done very frequently (every (5/10/30)
> minute(s).

The problem here is that `nice' has no effect on disk I/O, and it's
disk I/O that the cronjobs cause, not computation.  So niceing
cronjobs won't do any good.

[ Lots more elaborate schemes deleted ]

> I don't know how run-parts workes right now and if it can be modified
> to do the above described, but it seems to me that run-parts is the
> utility to deal with this kind of thing. Please suggest other things
> if you think I overlooked something (hmm, this will fill my mailbox).

No, run-parts is emphatically *not* the utility to deal with this.
All it does is run all the files in a given directory, and that's what
it should continue to do.

If we want some scheme for cron jobs (or even just
cron.{daily,weekly,monthly}) on systems which aren't up at that time
of the morning it should be implemented somewhere else.


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