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Bug#2344: dpkg 1.1.0: Pre-Depends

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.1.0

Ian Jackson writes ("dpkg 1.1.0: Pre-Depends"):
> I have implemented Pre-Depends in dpkg.  The semantics are exactly the
> same as those for an ordinary Depends, with one additional feature:
> dpkg will refuse to unpack if the Pre-Depends is not satisfied.  For
> this check it is not necessary for the depended-on package to be
> configured; however, the depended-on package must be at least unpacked
> and must have been configured before, and in this case both the
> currently-unpacked and the most-recently-configured versions must
> satisfy any version restriction in the pre-dependency.

There is a bug in the current version, which means that the package
need not necessarily have been configured if no version number is
quoted.  I'll fix this ...


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