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Bug#2341: Install problems

Package: Initial Installation.
Version: 0.93-6

I just finished reloading a spare system (twice) with Debian and I want to
relay a few problems that I noticed.

-->  I intended to load up the current Debian 1.1 candidate, but what I
	got from unstable/disks-i386/* was the 0.93 installation set.

-->  I had lots of problems loading in the base floppies.  In the middle
	of the loading process, my system would hang.  I have not had
	problems with this hardware before, so I am going to blame it on
	the floppy_merge program.  Since floppy_merge ignores interrupts
	and only one virtual console is available, each time the program
	got stuck, I needed to reboot the system, cycling through multiple
	floppies each time.  When I restarted the load, more files would
	be successfully loaded with each successive attempt (at least
	three attempts per installation) until I managed to load in all
	of the files.  When I ran:
		floppy_merge /dev/fd0 | gunzip | cpio --extract -v
	manually, it seemed to be more successful than when I restarted
	the load from the installation menu.

-->  On both installation attempts, when I rebooted with the custom boot
	disk, fsck found a corrupted file system (the one & only on that
	machine) and automatically corrected it.  Are we unmounting the
	file system(s) when we reboot?  Are we running sync?

-->  The binfmt_elf module did not load when I rebooted from the custom
	boot floppy.  Further, it does not even exist on the newly loaded
	system, so I can not go ahead with switching the system over to
	the 1.1 suite of packages.  (Perhaps this file was not completely
	written to my newly created hard disk when I rebooted?)  I could
	build a boot floppy with elf enabled on my main system, but not
	everyone has that option.

	An attempt at an elf-only installation set.

	A network installation option.  If it can not be fit into the
	existing set of disks, I would like to see a separate set which
	provides this functionality.  (Also, there are removable-media
	SCSI drives.  Perhaps we should allow for people to install from
	them instead of from a floppy or CD-ROM.)

	A second virtual console.

	Floppy_merge should not ignore interrupts.  If the interrupt
	that it does not mask is not ^C, then the user should be
	informed as to haw to break out of it.

	Fix whatever is causing fsck to complain when the system is
	booted for the first time.

  David H. Silber     dhs@firefly.com     Project: Debian GNU/Linux (dbackup)
  <http://www.access.digex.net/~dhs/>     Wanted:  Spare time.

			     Programmer for hire.

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