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Re: MSDOS name conversion

"behan (b.) webster" <behanw@bnr.ca)  wrote on 13.02.96 in <"8923 Tue Feb 13 17:33:10 1996"@bnr.ca>>:

> >Anyway, I don't see why you want to have some people jump through hoops to
> >prevent others from imaginary problems.
> Those problems are no more imaginary than the ones you brought up.

Let's see ... I'll omit things I have no trouble with.

> The current system with large files for each package:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> PRO:
>   - fewer files (less adminstrative overhead)

Very marginally less overhead for whoever administers master.debian.org,  
no difference for anybody else.

>   - dpkg/dselect/dftp don't need to change (not that they aren't going to
>       change anyways for other reasons)

Dpkg/dselect is already fine.

>   - for floppy users, depending on the split/splice program and
>       capabilities of the machine you're installing debian on, you can
>       automatically split a file optimally onto a set of disks and then
>       automatically splice them together at the other end.  (e.g., using
>       DOS utils like: pkzip, arj, slice)

This "optimal" split is a nearly microscopic advantage, offset by the need  
to have a suitable program in the first place, and to know how to use it,  
which is non-trivial.

> Split every package into 1.44M (1.2M) pieces:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Smaller is probably better, a little smaller than what fits on a 720 K  
disk is probably good (I think we can safely forget about 360 K disks, but  
I believe about 2/3 of my floppy piles are 720 K).

> CON:
>   - should they split into 1.44M chunks or 1.2M chunks?

See above.

>   - still have to manually copy each file onto the disk (several DOS based
>      split programs will do it for you: pkzip, arj, slice...)

And woe to you if one of your disks goes bad, you can then start again  
from scratch ...

>   - 2-4 times the number of files. (administrative overhead)

See above.

>   - changes to dpkg, dselect and dftp

Dftp only, I believe. After all, we've got dpkg-split for some time now.

> Anyone using the following mechanisms don't benefit at all from pre-split
> up files:
>   - those with good phone lines

I have good enough phone lines. However, some uplinks above the lines  
sometimes go bad - I expect that's true for a lot of people, at least  
outside the US.

As I'm using mirror to download, it's not that bad, but it's still not  

>   - those who use a network to install/upgrade debian

See above.

> All I know is that I'm sure glad I don't have to maintain my debian system
> from floppy!


MfG Kai

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