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Bug#2329: Xpm4.7 -- Missing control fields

In article <[🔎] m0tmQ7i-0002AbC@lot49.med.miami.edu> you write:
>In message <[🔎] 9602131619.AA01486@mailgate.eur.nl>, Erick Branderhorst writes:
>>Provides: xpm
>>would be nice in this package (or am I mistaken?)
>I don't think this would DTRT, since the package 'xpm' was a.out
>(though I suppose one could make it both provide and conflict, but I
>don't see that that would buy us anything), and we're not providing an
>a.out version of the xpm library.

Your right: it wouldn't do the right thing, for the very reasons you

>What someone needs to is create an xpm-compat package with the a.out
>libs and _that_ should provide xpm.

An xpm-compat package is on my TODO list, but I really have little
time these days. Anyone else want to do one ?


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